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Love in the time of corona

This follows When in doubt, answer a different question.

On BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions 10 April 2020 Jill Morris asked:

Does the coronavirus prove that God does not exist?

Last to respond was Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, who quoted Holocaust survivor Rabbi Hugo Gryn:

‘People sometimes ask me ‘Where was God in Auschwitz?’ I believe God was there himself violated and blasphemed. The real question is ‘Where was man in Auschwitz?’

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Hedgehogs and foxes

European hedgehog

European hedgehog

Hedgehogs were fairly common in the 1950s and 1960s when I was growing up. Or at least they were in our corner of Hertfordshire, which we called either Watford or Bushey depending on how urban or rural we were feeling at the time. Now and again we found them shuffling in the woods or they would just appear in our garden and adopt us in exchange for a bread and milk diet.

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More equal than others?

Pigs graffitiWhy should we follow the principle that, when applying the Golden Rule, we should act so as to preserve, protect and promote the Golden Rule itself?

Well, if you subscribed to the Rule would you want others to preserve, protect and promote the Rule? Yes? Then you should preserve, protect and promote the Rule yourself.

This follows Publish and be damned as number 16 in a series of posts on the Golden Rule. The first was Any fool can make a rule.

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