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Clear and present danger

Jonny Dymond recorded an interview with Lord Sumption, ex-Justice of the UK Supreme Court. The interview was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 World at One 30 March 2020. In it Lord Sumption expressed concerns about the potential impact on freedom and civil liberty in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That edition of World at One can be accessed on BBC Sounds, and the interview itself is also available on YouTube:

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David Deutsch and Brexit

David Deutsch is a clever man: physics professor at Oxford who pioneered quantum computing. He is also a keen promoter of fallibilism, the idea that we can be mistaken in anything we think or do. In this he sees himself as a follower of Karl Popper, a Viennese philosopher of science famous for (among other things) claiming that a theory is only truly scientific if it is falsifiable. Continue reading

Second EU referendum and democracy

peoples voteThere are those who say a second EU referendum would destroy faith in democracy. Their argument seems disingenuous. I can understand people taking this line if it is in their interest to. But for every person who sees a second referendum as an affront to democracy there could well be at least one other who sees it as an assertion of democracy. Continue reading