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Face to face

Part of a series which began with Fake news and the ethics of belief.

’I don’t need to believe. I know.’

So said Carl Gustav Jung in 1959 when John Freeman asked him on BBC TV’s Face to Face whether he believed in God.

He later regretted that his reply was too short and too open to misunderstanding. But we’ll leave that can of worms safely shut for now.

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The new stand-up

They said stand-up comedy was the new rock & roll. Well, meaty TV drama is the new stand-up. Having finished The Bodyguard, Killing Eve and Vanity Fair and binge-watched-to-catch-up-on Black Earth Rising I am now finally up to date on Press. Bloody marvellous.

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Question Time


I haven’t watched Question Time for years and last Thursday’s episode from Bishop Auckland reminded me why. It was a thoroughly depressing experience. Bishop Auckland is in County Durham, which voted over 57% to Leave in the 2016 referendum. Jacob Rees-Mogg played the audience comme d’habitude and David Dimbleby got through it like a prisoner scratching the last days of his sentence on the wall.

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