April 1 is coming early

This is from the Daily Telegraph website 14 January 2021, by someone called Jonathan Saxty:

We Brexiteers are being blamed for the problems we warned about

In reality, fault lies squarely with the Government and poor planning

As problems mount for UK businesses, both in dealing with mainland Europe and regarding Northern Ireland, don’t be surprised if Brexit and Brexiteers get the blame for what is a failure of Government, as the possibility of reintegration via the backdoor looms. Many businesses are reporting difficulties adapting to the post- Brexit trading landscape, with the Federation of Small Businesses claiming many small firms have not had the time, money or clarity to prepare. German logistics group DB Schenker became the latest parcels operator to suspend cross-border delivery, following a similar move by DPD. How did the Government not anticipate…

At this point the Daily Telegraph thought we should start paying to read such crap.

After a bit of digging I found that Jonathan Saxty is an “entrepreneur” and Assistant Editor at a website called Brexit-Watch.org. According to its website,

Brexit-Watch.org is a new non-party / cross-party initiative launched by Global Britain to ensure the UK Government is fully aware of the opportunities and risks arising from the decisions it must take to complete Brexit by the end of 2020. Global Britain was founded 23 years ago to develop the business case for leaving the EU and once that objective was secured it has campaigned to see the result of the 2016 referendum was respected.

Oh and according to the Brexit-Watch.org website Jonathan Saxty “has a passion for improving peoples’ [sic*] lives”.

(*Why is it their obsession with British sovereignty never seems to stretch to mastering the English language?)

© Chris Lawrence 2021

4 thoughts on “April 1 is coming early

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    1. Chris Lawrence Post author

      Thanks. Yes I think I can just about forgive the billionaires & hedge fund managers who voted Leave because at least the decision would have made sense to them as it would get them away from the EU tax directives, which as far as I can see is what it was all about. What I can’t forgive them for of course is duping all the rest who had masses to lose and very little to gain into such a colossal act of self-harm.

      By the way, the title of your blog always reminds me of a fabulous (IMHO) French film by Patrice Leconte called The Hairdresser’s Husband.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Cheesesellers Wife

        Ooo, must go watch the film. My blog title references many such titles. For examples the poem ‘The Cinnamon Peeler’s Wife’, then there is ‘The TimeTravellers Wife’ (a novel) and so many more.

        ‘The Cheesesellers Wife’ , ‘The Mushroom Thief’ and ‘Restless on the Rocks’ are titles my eldest son once proposed for stereotypical Booker Prize Winners. But my Husband does sell cheese……

        Liked by 1 person


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