Eton mess

Interesting article by John Harris on the Guardian website. He quotes from ‘England Your England’, which is the first part of George Orwell’s The Lion and the Unicorn:

Probably the battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton, but the opening battles of all subsequent wars have been lost there.

He is talking about Britain’s ruling class at the time of the Second World War. He goes on:

What is to be expected of them is not treachery, or physical cowardice, but stupidity, unconscious sabotage, an infallible instinct for doing the wrong thing. They are not wicked, or not altogether wicked; they are merely unteachable.

It was the last word that struck me: ‘unteachable’. It seemed as if he was talking about the ruling class of Britain today.

This could be overly simplistic, but one possibly unfortunate result of an elite education – particularly if you are convinced you have received an elite education – is that you might think you have emerged with nothing more to learn.

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7 thoughts on “Eton mess

  1. theotheri

    We never need to stop learning, do we? The way a good friend of mine put it “if you don’t regret anything you have ever done and would do it differently, you haven’t learned anything.” I try to remember that in my old old age when I look back and wish I hadn’t done, or even said, something. Better that I have regrets than that I don’t have any!

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