Perhaps Corbyn isn’t left-wing enough?

Official portrait of Jeremy Corbyn crop 2I came across an intriguing post today entitled The problem with Corbyn: he isn’t left-wing enough. It seemed to put its finger on why my response to Jeremy Corbyn is so often one of ultimate disappointment.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

…Corbyn himself is unable to recognise that austerity, climate denial and Brexit all form part of a concerted neoneoconservative assault on democracy, social provision and basic human rights, one which is – shock! Horror! – even worse than the braindead neoliberalism of the neo-Blairites…

[H]is dismissal of Brexit as a mere “constitutional question” displays a kind of idiocy which it’s hard not to conclude is wilful. What Britain needs is a local version of AOC, someone talented at articulating a modern (as in green, intersectional and digitally savvy) left-wing agenda in the face of the opprobrium such a project will inevitably face.

AOC here is of course US Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Again and again Corbyn gives me the impression that he’s waited so long for the opportunity he never thought he’d have to make his ideas concrete, that now he can’t see that a lot of those ideas are less relevant than he continues to insist they are.

Which could be why at times he finds himself upstaged by those even on his own side who, like for example John McDonnell, seem a bit more capable of original thought.

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1 thought on “Perhaps Corbyn isn’t left-wing enough?

  1. theotheri

    Intriguing. I certainly agree that Corbyn seems to belong in a by-gone age, during which he seems to have been better at simply saying NO, than offering concrete alternatives. But although I agree with Ocasio-Cortez’ goals, I’m not convinced yet that her economic principles aren’t naive. On the other hand, even the best — or at least well-known — economists are these days radically rethinking Keynesian theory. And at least Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have a record of tolerating anti-Semitism (which I am not under the illusion is the same thing as being anti-Netanyahu.)

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