Social conservatism and Brexit

Giles Fraser at the School of Advanced Study, University of London November 2015

Giles Fraser 2015

I just came across a very enlightening exchange in the blogosphere.

In the blue corner is a contribution to the Brexit debate from Giles Fraser, who is apparently priest-in-charge at St Mary’s, Newington. He is a regular contributor on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and The Moral Maze. According to Wikipedia, he was ‘educated at a prep school, Hollingbury Court in Sussex, where he was beaten several times a week by the headmaster for minor misdemeanours’. This may or may not be relevant to the very enlightening exchange.

Giles is ‘still spitting blood’ at an article on the effect of Brexit on social care which he read in a recent Evening Standard, which he describes as ‘of course, a propaganda rag for George Osborne’s Remain-inspired end-of-the-world fearmongering’. Here is his blood spitting response.

In the red corner is Paul Kavanagh. Paul’s response to Giles begins with a spoiler alert: ‘Please don’t read on while eating. This blog deals with some unpleasant realities about the human body.’ You have been warned.

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